P-TOUCH and P-EASY are proven in many applications. Learn where wireless is used.

Electricity networks

Our products guarantee the independent and reliable data transmission in the electricity network. Radio networks the PLC controls of substations. The power grid is one of the most important infrastructures – with P-TOUCH and P-EASY control your network even more efficient!

 Remote heating/cooling

Installations for heating and cooling have existed for decades, also away from the cities. With our data network and a modern control system increases the efficiency of these robust systems. P-TOUCH and P-EASY networks are planned fast, easy to install and take up little space.

This means you have even better control of existing systems for district heating and cooling!

Oil and gas production

Oil and gas production is expected to be long-range: the pumps, conveyor systems or storage are many kilometers apart. There play P-TOUCH and P-EASY networks from their advantage. Our equipment spreads over tens of kilometers – expensive cables are not necessary.

Our PC software always shows the current state of the data transmission network. Even in the case of widely ramified production networks, the headquarters will always be up-to-date.

Water supply

Efficient water supply networks must be regulated by means of reliable controls. However, springs, high tanks, wells and pumping stations are often difficult to reach. Especially in the mountains are the P-TOUCH and P-EASY data radio systems an ideal solution for PLC systems. Because the self-diagnostics inform the radios about their functioning.

Water is our most important asset. Our products meet this requirement!