Every situation is unique – we are providing you our solution taking this in account. Our long-standing team of employees supports you throughout the entire duration of the project. Due to our diverse language competences, we can offer particularly good project support in the CEE region and in all Spanish speaking regions. Contact us at any time with your wishes!

Network Planning

We develop robust and efficient networks based on your requirements. We calculate the best locations and test them in the field. With our graphical planning tool everything is presented in a clear way. Our company has more than twenty years of experience in network planning, including mountains and other challenging areas.

Visibility and damping studies

We measure your stations with our equipment fast and uncomplicated. The tests on the ground require low personnel capacities and provide immediate practical results. We also check the stretching damping directly on site – if the terrain is not accessible, we calculate the exact values for you.

Antenna calculations

We also calculate the correct antennas for your application.

Live Support

If you need help with the modification or improvement of an existing system, we will directly access your network with remote maintenance.