P-EASY was one of the first industrial UHF radios with display. The graphical monitoring software for the PC set a new industry standard!

P-EASY supports numerous PLC protocols and can be flexibly integrated into existing systems. From New Caledonia to Mexico, whether Finland or Austria: P-EASY data radio systems have proven themselves under many climatic conditions for years.

Discover P-EASY as your solution for reliable data transmission!

Direct Operation

P-EASY radios display their own state on the touchscreen. All settings can be changed directly in the device menu. You can measure your planned network yourself and access remotely to the stations and check directly whether the respective data quality is correct. Our company has been using this reliable method even for years for network planning and further studies.

Self-diagnostic data to

Self-diagnostic with our PC-Software

The self-diagnosis of the radios continuously monitors the operability. The PC software P-EASY Config, reproduced in graphics, displays this information. You can also control large networks so easily.

Observe and optimize

The optional add-ons P-EASY NetMonitor and P-EASY NetOptimizer investigate the state of your data network and optimize it if necessary.

Routing & spontaneity

The efficient transmission protocol and routing enable extended networks with a large number of P-EASY radios. This flexibility ensures the safety of the transmissions.

Interfaces & PLC protocols

P-EASY devices have RJ45, RS425 and RS422 / 485 interfaces and support many PLC protocols. It also supports several applications, which are logically distinguished in the device table.