P-TOUCH Features


One IP-Adresse for all the interfaces

The heart of P-TOUCH is the communication server: radio, Ethernet, serial interface and USB are combined in one IP address. The P-TOUCH supports up to 63 connected devices.

P-TOUCH uses the best interface for every transmission. Unlike other devices, it also transmits data telegrams over Ethernet connections!

Fast & reliable

With 40kbit/s at 25kHz, P-TOUCH is twice as fast as P-EASY and the synchronization period and training sequence have been optimized. It selects the best modulation for field strength. This results in faster bitrate and at the same time the high stability that P-EASY is accustomed to! Another unique feature of P-TOUCH is that a network supports various modulations at the same time.


Fast Diagnosis with the Eye-Diagram

The new Eye diagram shows the connection quality. Abstract waves are generated from the performance data. If the nodes are sharply delimited, then the radio connection is OK. With this simple method you can diagnose noise or reflections easily in the Eye diagram.

Proven IP routing and easy testing

The communication server uses standard IP routing. “Public routes” are packaged in the data telegram and have priority. This makes testing easier and you will not have to worry about the original route.

Own applications and other controls

P-TOUCH uses Linux. Therefore, you can always install additional Linux software packages, such as firewalls and your own applications. The GUI is also customizable, for example for the display of PLC data.

Easy operation and configuration

The P-TOUCH has a touchscreen and offers a clear menu navigation. Therefore, you can operate the device without any additional hardware! New devices are quickly configured: All files are created on a P-TOUCH and transferred via USB stick.

Continuous monitoring

The P-TOUCH monitors itself and transmits data, for example the temperature, the voltage and the state of the input/output interfaces. This way, you can monitor the network at any time and reduce the maintenance effort to a minimum.

Secure transmission

The P-TOUCH protocol increases security. Software controls ensure that only complete and correct data packets arrive at the destination. If for some reason this is not the case, P-TOUCH simply sends the data again.

Protocols and extensions

P-TOUCH supports all common PLC protocols. Other protocols we will gladly implement for you upon request. In addition, we offer GPS and GSM modules as extensions.