P-TOUCH – simple workflow

Analysis on demand

With these new features, P-TOUCH networks provide comprehensive capabilities, such as implementation-complex routing and protocol matching. With the precise analysis of the required interfaces and the data traffic, you can use the advantages of the device for a precisely solution.

Another advantage for you: As one of the few devices, P-TOUCH allows the transmission of data packets over other transmitters than radio.

Configuration and installation

The configuration is carried out on the touch screen, flexible menus facilitate the input. In addition, you can develop configuration apps that fits to your needs. The configuration file of a device can be transferred via USB stick to other P-TOUCH devices. With only a few changes per station (those for the IP address, for example), all devices are quickly made ready for installation.

Remote optimization

In the first few weeks after the installation, you can observe how the network reacts and optimizes via remote access.

Keep an eye on the network at all times

Through Linux-based remote access software, you can access to the P-TOUCH devices at any time.