Robust and efficient architecture

Long range

Broadcasters are optimized over long distances. The frequencies allow connections over dozens of kilometers. The repeater function of our products allows almost unlimited network sizes.


More efficient than GSM

GSM is complex, has a large protocol overhead and consumes quite a bit of energy. Many GSM modems are “consumer electronics” and are not designed for long-term operation. Our data transmission systems are build with industrial standards. They are more durable, efficient and also send in areas without GSM coverage.

More flexible than cable

Existing cable networks for data transmissions, such as power conductors or telephone networks, are often obsolete. If the damage from earth cables is detected too late, the repair will be expensive! Only preventative maintenance helps, which in the most of the cases requires a lot of money. Data radio networks, on the other hand, also reach locations without cable connections and the self-diagnosis function keep you aware of the status of the devices.

Long-term solutions & Easy expansion

Our radio equipment meets the standards for long-life industrial electronics. The system compatibility of ten years allows network expansion in stages. Data transmission can also simply extend existing networks, for example as point-to-point connections in cable networks. In this way, you can react to larger data volumes or new stations at low cost.

Tested with many PLCs

Our data transmission is compatible with many PLC solutions and has been tried and tested in numerous applications.

Planned financial expenses

Data radio networks have much lower acquisition costs than cable networks, because they do not need any infrastructure between the stations. This is a particular advantage in the mountains or within badly developed areas. The monthly fixed costs are also low and can be planned in a long term.